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TREE! BetaFPV 65sLite

2018 Remix: Using the Mavic Pro and the CAVU FPV app for Android

Whooping through the Golden Arches :)

BetaFPV 65sLite @ Ice Rink

Beta FPV 65s Lite

Boldclash BWhoop B03 Bashing

FPV Farmland Freebird

Owyhee River & Reservoir : Mavic Pro Footage

Freestyle Chase & Goofing off :)

Guffey Spire

Random Smiles

Lizard Butte, Marsing Idaho

Evening Flight : GPS Mode vs Sport Mode: DJI Mavic Pro

Owyhee Visions

Sitting In My Drone

Eagle Eyes

Jump Creek Recreation Area

Payette River, Banks Idaho

Freeze Out Hill Climb 2018

You Gave Me Wings

Swan Falls Dam, Idaho

Celebration Park, Idaho

Owyhee Foothills

Edge of the Owyhees